ACLU of Missouri goes with the United Media Guild!

Recently, workers at the ACLU of MO reached out to the United Media Guild about forming a union where they work.  After meeting with several of the workers, UMG contacted the Executive Director, Luz Maria Henriquez, and informed her that a majority of the employees had stated support and we offered to prove that support through card check.  Card check is a simple process that eschews the longer formal election process offered by the National Labor Relations Board in favor of a review by an agreed upon neutral third party who can compare the (still confidential) signed authorization cards against the signatures of employees on a list provided by the employer.

For this process, the parties reached out to Rabbi Susan Talve of Central Reform Congregation, someone who has built her long career by being a friend to workers and to the truth.  Rabbi Talve graciously accepted and, this morning, the card check was conducted over a Zoom call.  The entire process took no more than fifteen minutes and , when it was completed, Rabbi Talve announced that a union now exists at the ACLU of Missouri!

The Guild thanks Rabbi Talve for helping this process along as well as Luz Maria Henriquez and the ACLU of MO for living the values espoused by that fine organization.  Our union looks forward to working together to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement at the ACLU of Missouri and to a long and productive relationship.

This new bargaining unit consists of eleven members.