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ACLU of Kansas staff joins UMG, gains voluntary recognition

The ACLU of Kansas and the United Media Guild have entered into a voluntary recognition agreement which recognizes the Union as the representative of covered ACLU of Kansas staffers.  The voluntary recognition agreement included a “card check,” administered today by...

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ACLU of Kansas staff files for election to join UMG

ACLU of Kansas workers have solidified their mission of protecting and expanding constitutional rights in their own workplace by unionizing with the United Media Guild, Local 36047. On Tuesday, June 23rd, the workers filed for an election with the National...

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Lee Enterprises saved $10 million with layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts this quarter

Lee Enterprises, parent company of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Southern Illinoisan, saved $10 million during the current quarter through layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts. The company also cut capital expenditures by more than 25 percent. Due to the...

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UMG raises journalism concerns at Gannett shareholders meeting

The United Media Guild raised concerns about the state of journalism in Gannett during the company’s annual shareholders meeting Monday morning. The event, held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic, was the first since the GateHouse-Gannett merger. On behalf of...

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State Journal-Register journalists successfully challenge early deadlines for print edition

Across  the country, newspapers are moving deadlines from late evening to late afternoon as part of the ongoing consolidation of printing, page design and copy-editing functions. Such move-ups prevent journalists from getting night news (meetings, sports events, crime, fires) in...

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Peoria Journal Star takes a stand on ethics, Gannett responds

The Guild fights every day for the craft of journalism, which is under attack from all angles – including newspaper managers. Another example came from Peoria Journal Star columnist Phil Luciano, the UMG unit chair at the newspaper. He wrote...

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Navigating the Missouri unemployment system during a furlough

United Media Guild VP David Carson has gone through the unemployment compensation process for his first furlough week. Here is the link to the site. Here is David's summary: STEP ONE I just filed for my first week of unemployment...

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Filing unemployment claims during a furlough

  Filing for unemployment in Missouri and Illinois can be done online in fairly straightforward process. A member to who filed in Illinois said it was pretty easy. The Missouri on-line application also does a nice job of guiding you...

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