By supporting real journalism, you support real democracy

“Real News, Real Journalism” is more than a subscription slogan for the UMG-represented St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It is a civic necessity in these tumultuous times, when many rights we hold sacred — especially the freedom of the press — are under assault.

We wholeheartedly agree with Society of Professional Journalists president Lynn Walsh’s statement of President Donald Trump’s latest attack on the media:

“When President Trump continues his anti-media, anti-press rhetoric, tip-toes around questions from journalists and chooses not to provide support for information he shares, the American public is the biggest loser. The public is entitled to ask the White House, Mr. Trump and other government officials and employees questions, whether the topics are something they feel are newsworthy or appropriate. Journalists fill the role for the public by working every day to hold them accountable, ask about policies and question facts, figures and information being shared by the government. Journalists will continue to do their jobs to hold this administration and all government officials accountable so the public can have the information it is entitled to.”

You can support real journalism by subscribing to the Post-Dispatch. Subscribers to the digital access or print edition delivery (Sundays, three days or seven days) plus digital access also get a free 52-week digital subscription to the Washington Post.

That has huge value these days. Post journalists, represented by the Baltimore-Washington Guild, are doing a remarkable job of chronicling history as it unfolds in our nation’s capital.

Citizens in Illinois should subscribe the State Journal-Register, the Peoria Journal Star, the Rockford Register Star, the Pekin Daily Times and the Freeport Journal- Standard to support quality journalism at the state and regional level.

The UMG represents the hard-working journalists at each of those newspapers.

If you are interested in supporting organized labor, you should subscribe to the St. Louis Labor Tribune, one of the country’s top newspapers of its kind. Those in the Catholic faith should subscribe to the St. Louis Review to learn more about their community. The UMG represents employees at those two publications as well.

Finally, the progressive Truthout website has never been more essential as it sheds light on our nation’s greatest challenges. This fiercely independent publication relies on reader support to do its groundbreaking work on a national level. You can donate here and back the efforts of UMG-represented journalists.