Dislocated Workers Program scheduled for Tuesday, July 19

The AFL-CIO Dislocated Workers Program will be held in the Guild office building, 1015 Locust Street, in the 9th floor conference room – suite 916.  Our building is on the corner of 11th and Locust and parking is available in the building.

All individuals who were laid off in June – as well as those who were let go in April – are invited to attend this event.  Like we have done in the past, the Guild invites all laid off employees – union and nonunion alike – to participate in this.  The program will run from 9:00 to 4:00 and cover a variety of subjects with which  one is confronted after losing one’s job.

Representatives will be on hand from many different bureaus and agencies – on both sides of the river – with a wealth of information to assist you as you make your way forward through this difficult time.  Many subjects will be addressed:  subjects like unemployment insurance (US Dept of Labor will be here), reducing your bills (budget counselors) tax issues (the IRS will be on hand) and dealing with stress, to name a few.  Members will learn about available resources – like available tuition dollars for those thinking about returning to school – and how to access them as quickly as possible.  There will be handouts, Q and A and, hopefully, everyone will leave a bit more able to deal with their new reality.

Lunch will be provided.