Freeport and Rockford select stewards

On Sunday, April 19, members of the Rockford Register Star/ Freeport Journal Standard unit held a meeting to nominate and elect stewards.  Turnout was good, nominations were plenty and when the dust finally settled and the votes tallied, the results were as follows:

At the Rockford Register Star:

Max Gersh (steward by virtue of the unit chair position)

Brian Leaf (steward due to vice chair position)

Paula Buckner

Matt Trowbridge

At the Freeport Journal Standard:

Karen Patterson

The Guild thanks everyone who expressed interest in helping and, to those who were elected – congratulations!

Stewards are your pipeline to Guild support!  They are available if you are in need of assistance in any situation that involves your wages, your benefits or your working conditions.  They are the eyes and ears of the Guild in your workplace.

Those elected will receive training to provide them with the tools they need to perform their new roles.