Labor Day Parade! (do you know where we’re lining up?)

This year, the CWA is fifth in line for the Labor Day Parade – FIFTH!!  That means Guilders – and our CWA brothers and sisters with whom we will line up at 18th & Olive – will be highly visible.  And, to make certain that they are seen far and wide, CWA is providing the first 200 marchers a free lime green T-Shirt (with blue lettering).  A BOLD fashion statement for a BOLD union!


Free coffee and donuts will also be provided by our parent union and we encourage those who want to march to get there early, as we will be heading out a lot earlier than usual.  The parade begins at 9:00 a.m. sharp and coffee, etc will be ready and available by 8:00.


Come on out and march.  This years theme is:  We are the 99%


Immediately following the parade, many unions will hang around and have a cookout; CWA among them.  See you Monday!


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