Post-Dispatch Safety Report

Your union heard concerns over numerous issues concerning the new Post-Dispatch Building and we have been meeting with company and city officials in order to address those concerns.

Last night, for the first time since the move, all seven streetlights on the west side of N. 10th were fully operational and providing light (prior to last night, four streetlights were always out).  A big thank you to Alderman Jack Coatar and the hardworking men and women at the City Traffic Division!

Also, 901 N. 10th is in the area patrolled by Cops on Bikes (their beat goes to Cole) and both they and those in cruisers that travel up and down Cole have been reminded that 901 now has tenants.

The C9 parking garage is another matter.  Lighting, lack of salting, and first floor availability come up frequently in conversations.  That property, btw, is privately managed but is owned by the city – specifically Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA).  And, while that means that it COULD be torn down at some future point in time, that would only happen in concert with convention expansion, so it’s not likely to occur anytime soon.  We have reached out to the firm that manages that property and expect to meet with them soon.

Some promising news: The company that is repairing the elevator shaft is on site now and the Guild has been told that the repairs are beginning. We do not know when that work will be completed, but at least it has begun.

The Guild will continue to meet with the company to address other issues, such as parking, security and handicapped access. please contact one of your Guild reps if you have any concerns.