Settlement in retiree medical lawsuit – mailing and meetings to follow

The United Media Guild, TNG-CWA, Local  36047, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LLC and Lee Enterprises, Incorporated, have reached a settlement regarding the Guild’s claim for vested lifetime retiree health care benefits. The parties believe the settlement is a fair one and appreciate the work on both sides to reach a resolution.


Mailings have gone out to blue and yellow contract retirees with details and meetings have been scheduled for Wednesday, August 8 at 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. in the Guild’s office building in conference room 1030.  Any retiree with questions can come and have the settlement explained in detail and our attorney, Barbara Camens will also be present to answer any legal questions.


The next day, Thursday, August 9, the Guild will hold a general membership meeting – again in conference room 1030 – for current members who wish to have the settlement explained.  That meeting is scheduled for noon.