The check is in the mail

Guild retirees should be interested to know that, today, we were informed that Lee is mailing out settlement checks to our 248 retirees who were part of the retiree medical lawsuit.  You should also be aware that all living retirees who signed a release will receive an additional $143.50 (before taxes) because, in going through the company’s list of those eligible to receive retiree medical benefits, Mary found two who were not, in fact, entitled to receive any and the Executive Committee voted to reallocate that money by dividing it equally among the group.


All parties will receive an actual check – there will not be any direct deposit.   If, you have not received your check by this time next week, please contact this office and we will help you track it down.


Thank you all for your strength, solidarity and patience during this lengthy process.   Together, we have once again proven that union membership doesn’t cost – IT PAYS!


Mary Casey

Shannon Duffy

UMG Executive Committee