UMG members step up for laid-off co-workers

The Post-Dispatch laid off several United Media Guild members last Thursday, including four reporters and one full-time copy editor.

As of Tuesday afternoon, four of our members had volunteered to take the place of the laid-off reporters. Also, one copy editor volunteered to replace his desk colleague in the layoff.

The company will consider volunteers in the order of their seniority within their classification. According our contract with the Post-Dispatch, a member replacing a fellow member in the layoff will collect severance pay based on hiring date and time of service.

The human resources department is still accepting volunteers. It wants to hear from all interested parties by July 7 so newsroom managers can finalize the layoff and notify our members of the final outcome.

Anybody will questions should contact Shannon Duffy or Mary Casey at the UMG office at 314-241-7046.