Missouri Health Care For All: Brand new unit. Brand new contract!

Today, staff of Missouri Health Care For All (MHCFA), a statewide grassroots organization of activists engaged in health care advocacy, unanimously ratified its first contract.

Congratulations MHCFA!

The organization gave voluntary recognition a few months back and during that time, the bargaining unit elected a unit chair – Dennis McDonald (an extremely hardworking unit chair, by the way) – and held unit meetings to discuss its priorities and goals.  Bargaining commenced August 6, when the Guild sent their opening proposal and after some back-and-forth between the parties via Zoom, an agreement was reached 20 days later, on August 26.

The agreement is for one year.  It includes a January 1 raise, phone and internet stipends, a monthly 401-K contribution, a grievance and arbitration process as well as spelling out progressive discipline.  It codifies a harassment and hiring policy that protects our members and the organization.  There is also a $300 phone stipend to help cover the cost of a new phone every 3 years beginning on a member’s date of hire.

The position of senior organizer, worth an additional $3,000 per year, is included in the contract to allow for advancement for organizers.

Temporary employees will be given health insurance if hired for a period of 4 months or longer.

Additionally, employees that have qualifying health insurance can receive 50% of the cost of the union health insurance plan in lieu of coverage.

The agreement also calls for the creation of a Labor Management Council which will meet quarterly to promote communications and problem solving.