About Us

The United Media Guild, originally the St. Louis Newspaper Guild, is a local union within the NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America. The NewsGuild was formed on Aug. 20, 1933 as the American Newspaper Guild. When the Guild merged with the CWA in 1997, our local formally became TNG-CWA Local 36047.

We seek to advance the economic interests and improve the working conditions of our members. We fight for the craft of journalism and the sanctity of the First Amendment. Our members work to protect the news-gathering process and prevent the abuse of reporters.

We welcome the opportunity to help unionize workplaces at media companies and nonprofit organizations in the region. Interested workplaces should contact UMG Business Representative Shannon Duffy at sduffy@unitedmediaguild.org

Our vision

We welcome the opportunity to help unionize workplaces at media companies and non-profit organizations in the Midwest and Mid-South. We can build strength in numbers by bringing like-minded groups together in a common cause.

Our commitment to journalism

Organized labor has never been more valuable to its members, especially in the economically distressed media sector. Traditional newspaper, television and radio companies are faltering due to changing technologies, evolving consumer tastes, new media competition, a stagnant economy, tight financial markets and crippling corporate debt. Corporate cutbacks have gutted many newsrooms and threatened the journalism profession. The United Media Guild is pushing back by fighting for its members and the important work they do for Lee Enterprises, GateHouse, Gannett and other companies.

Our commitment to social justice

Just as journalists play a vital role in a democratic society, so do non-profit organizations and advocacy groups. The UMG and the larger CWA community provide a vehicle for community-minded operations share resources, exchange ideas and work together on important issues.