ACLU of Missouri signs first collective bargaining agreement.

The ACLU of Missouri and the United Media Guild signed their inaugural collective bargaining agreement on Wednesday, January 5 after more than a year-and-a-half of contract negotiations.  The five-year agreement has wage increases every year, increased insurance coverage for employees and their dependents, three days of remote work per week, the formation of a Labor/Management Committee to collectively address and solve any issues non-contractual that may arise and a renewed commitment to equity, inclusion and non-discrimination.

“The collective agreement to ensure that our team rises together is a direct reflection of the work we do at the ACLU of Missouri,” said Guild Unit Chair, Reva Wood, who works on the ACLU of Missouri’s development team. “Our new agreement brings forth benefits that will have an immediate impact for members and their families. We are thankful that management voluntarily came to negotiations in good faith and with the willingness to get this done. The ACLU of Missouri Bargaining Unit is proud to be represented by the United Media Guild.” 

“As workers around the country justly seek more influence in the decisions that impact their livelihoods, the ACLU of Missouri proudly celebrates the ratification of our inaugural contract, which includes guarantees of annual raises and a broader health-coverage benefit for workers’ dependents,” said Luz María Henríquez, Executive Director of the ACLU of Missouri. “We believe the agreement upholds our commitment to fairness and equity for all staff while putting the organization on a sustainable path to continue our work.”