False rumor of layoffs

Dear Post-Dispatch friends,
There is a rumor circulating in the building about possible layoffs. The rumor is false, according to Astrid Garcia, VP HR, Labor, Operations at The St Louis Post – Dispatch.
The rumor has generated many questions, calls and emails to the Guild. We’ve spoken with Garcia and other high ranking newsroom admins twice in the last two days about the rumor. Both times the rumor was strongly denied. She specifically said there would be no layoffs this week or next week.
Garcia did say there is a budget shortfall, but that we’ve regularly had shortfalls and that the current shortfall is not critical.
Obviously things could change but they’ve repeatedly denied the rumored layoff. I don’t think they would repeatedly deny the rumor if there was any truth to it.
Hopefully this gives people some piece of mind and kills the rumor.