KSDK-TV unit ratifies new three-year contract

The United Media Guild’s KSDK-TV unit has agreed to a new contract with Gannett.

Our members approved the deal with a unanimous vote Thursday afternoon. Here are the highlights:

  • Signing bonuses of 4 percent of annual pay for full-time employees upon the signing of the contract. (Although there are no prescribed raises in the contract, our full-time employees have been receiving regular annual raises from the company.)
  • Enhanced severance pay for employees whose jobs are outsourced.
  • Enhanced severance play for employees who lose their jobs due to technological advancements.
  • Two extra days bereavement leave, from three days to five, for the loss of a spouse or child.
  • The opportunity to explore alternate health care options to gain better coverage or lower costs.

The UMG staff is working with health care brokers to see if our members would be better off getting out of Gannett’s plan, which features very high deductibles.