Lee Enterprises Changes Dependent Care Flex Spending Accounts

Lee Enterprises has announced a change its Dependent Care Flex Spending Account.  From Jan 1, 2021 through March 15, 2021, Lee employees will be able to pay for dependent cares services with money deposited into their accounts in 2020.

Many Lee employees had already used the provision allowed to shut off their Dependent Care FSA deductions once it became clear that, due to the pandemic and the closing of day care centers and the like, they were going to wind up with more money in their 2020 FSA plan than they needed – money they had earned but, because of the way the I.R.S. structures those plans, money that would then be forfeited.  This amendment by Lee, then, should save its employees a lot of money.  The United Media Guild thanks Lee Enterprises for assisting its employees during this difficult period.