Logo Design Competition extended for one month

At a recent meeting of the Executive Council of Local 36047, it was decided to extend the deadline for our logo competition in order to attract more submissions. So the question remains: Are you the creative type? If so, how would you like to win $175?

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Our soon-to-be-renamed local needs a brand-new logo to go with its brand-new name.

As regular readers know, the decision to merge with Peoria came after a lot of thinking about where things were headed and what our local – and journalism – would look like in the future. As international unions continue to scale back staff and and locals continue dealing with declining memberships, merging seemed a natural course of action. The only question was with whom to merge.

Having already established a foothold in central Illinois in 2008 after successfully organizing the Pekin Daily Times – a daily that sits directly across the Illinois River from Peoria – joining forces with Peoria seemed almost obvious. So talks ensured, votes were taken and, as I write this, we are mere weeks away from having the whole thing finalized and running. But we wanted a new name.

We desired a new name because, even though our local number (36047) will survive, we didn’t want to start this new local with the demand that all incoming entities adopt our persona. Instead, we thought, let’s join together and create a new one. And we did: The United Media Guild.

The United Media Guild. The name works on several levels and the fact that there’s no geographical designation works well too. In fact, as our local grows and expands, such a broad designation may allow for an easier introduction as we enter into new areas. Let’s hope so, anyway. In the meantime…a new name demands a new logo.

Interested parties should email their submission to spd@stlouisguild.org

The local’s Executive Committee will judge and the deadline for submissions is Monday, November 7.