Members sought for Post-Dispatch bargaining committee

The United Media Guild would like to get a head start on negotiations for a new contract for our Post-Dispatch unit and Lee Enterprises.

So we are seeking volunteers to serve on our bargaining committee. Here is how the process will work:

  • The bargaining committee will oversee general unit meetings to hear the concerns of our membership and set the general priorities for bargaining.
  • Business representative Shannon Duffy will serve as our lead negotiator in bargaining, which we hope to begin this summer.
  • Duffy will craft our opening proposal with guidance from the negotiating committee, our lawyers and members of The News Guild’s national staff.
  • Post-Dispatch unit chair Joe Holleman will chair the negotiating committee and serve as the point person for the group at the table.
  • Business representative Mary Casey, UMG president Jeff Gordon and UMG vice president David Carson will be involved in negotiations as well.
  • Any other member of the bargaining committee can participate directly the negotiations, but not every committee member will not be involved in all the sessions. We usually rotate committee members in and out, depending on circumstances. From time to time we may bring in other unit members and put them on the committee to address a particular issue.
  • The bargaining committee will meet regularly to discuss the progress of negotiations and formulate general strategy.
  • The bargaining committee will vote on whether to tentatively agree to a contact proposal and bring it to the entire unit for a vote — or reject the proposal without bringing it to our members.

Interested members should contact Shannon or Mary at the UMG office at 314-241-7046.