NLRB cites State Journal-Register for surveillance, intimidation of UMG members

The National Labor Relations Board found merit in our Unfair Labor Practice charges against the State Journal-Register and GateHouse Media. Company managers (among other things) videoed our members during an informational demonstration outside of the newspaper building — which is a protected act under the law.

An investigation by the NLRB verified our complaints of:

• Unlawful surveillance of employees.
• Creating an atmosphere of surveillance in the workplace.

The Board found these behaviors to be coercive and an attempt at employee intimidation. As a result of the ruling, the Board will first send the employer an offer of settlement. Such an offer typically includes:

• Posting a notice in the workplace of employee’s legal rights under the National Labor Relations Act.
• A public admission that they broke the law

Employers are usually given a few weeks to decide whether the settle. Should the SJ-R not answer, the Board will likely issue charge against that paper around the end of August. Should the employer chose to fight the Board’s finding, a trial would likely follow two months after that.

The Board Agent heading up the investigation told the UMG that “Those SJ-R employees were really solid witnesses. They were capable, competent and intelligent. You’ve got an impressive group there.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Earlier the NLRB cited the Rockford Register Star and GateHouse Media for Unfair Labor Practices against UMG members there. The company appealed the ruling, but then settled the matter with us before trial.