Post-Dispatch offers enhanced severance to UMG members

The Post-Dispatch is offering Guild members with at least 10 years of service during this fiscal year — and who will be 55 years or older during this fiscal year — an opportunity to collect enhanced severance of up to 39 weeks to leave.

As you may recall, the Guild agreed to scale back severance pay for voluntary departures in our current collective bargaining agreement. It is currently capped at 26 weeks.

The company recently made the 39-week severance offer to non-represented employees. Based on interest from some of our members, the company decided to make the same offer to the Guild on a one-time, non-precedent, non-referral basis. The Guild accepted.

Here are some important details:

There are 44 Guild members eligible for this severance. The company is looking for up to 10 volunteers.

Volunteers would get two weeks of severance pay for every year of service, up to the 39 weeks of pay. Under the contract, newer employees only get one week of severance for every year of service. The company offered two weeks per year for all of our members on a one-time, non-precedent, non-referral basis.

Volunteers will also collect accrued (if any is accrued) vacation pay.

Volunteers are being sought on a first-come, first-served basis. Under the contract, volunteers are prioritized by seniority, with members with longer tenures getting first crack at this. The Guild agreed to waive that condition on a one-time, non-precedent, non-referral basis to exchange for the higher severance.

As under the contract, the company reserves the right to deny the voluntary departure of employees critical to meeting the business needs of the Post.

Interested members should contact Bruce Benson at or 314-340-8065.