Settlement reached at Southern Illinoisan over staffing arbitration case. Contract extension results.

A grievance regarding the use of freelance journalists to replace departed journalists at the Southern was filed several months back and slated for arbitration.  However, after continued attempts to settle the matter, the parties were able to reach a settlement and, as a result, a new part-time journalist will be hired.  Also, our Southern members will be allowed to participate in the company’s current premium plan (our CBA had frozen the premium rates for next year but, since Berkshire Hathaway has been brought into the pool, those rates have declined).  Our members will now save money on those premium rates and they will also receive an extra $200 from Lee.  The contract, which was set to expire in April of 2021, now runs until April of 2022.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so long and hard on this and THANK YOU for your perseverance!