UMG opens bargaining with the Post-Dispatch

The United Media Guild and Post-Dispatch management opened bargaining for a new contract Tuesday.

The Guild and the company spelled out the issues to be discussed beginning with the next bargaining session on Sept. 13. They are:

  • Pay raises
  • 401K contribution increase
  • Parking
  • Working from home
  • Increased paid maternity leave and paid paternity leave
  • Internships
  • Pension management

We will discuss health insurance premium and out-of-pocket costs for 2022 once the company is able to provide that information to us.

No issues were acted on, since this first meeting simply set the agenda for future meetings. Also . . .

Lee Enterprises is preparing to implement a new cell phone policy at the Post-Dispatch and all other properties. It would:

  • Offer all employees the use of a company-provided smartphone.
  • Pay those employees who opt not to take a company-provided phone $30 per month for using their own phone.
  • Eliminate the $60 payment to individuals currently expensing the supervisor-approved use of their smartphone.

Members who are considering the purchase of a new phone or a new wireless plan should plan accordingly.