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Pay equity study at the Post-Dispatch identifies disparity

Promoting pay equity one of The NewsGuild's top national priorities in 2019. Examining the disparity in pay for men and women in the workplace is a mandate for each TNG Local. The United Media Guild conducted such a study at...

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UMG files grievance with NFFWU (employer of FightFor15 organizers) over layoffs. Calls it retaliation for complaining about supervisor.

Two fast food organizers employed by the National Fast Food Workers Union (an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union) were recently laid off from their jobs. The United Media Guild organized those NFFWU organizers in 2017 and, following a...

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National presidential election is looming for The NewsGuild

Los Angeles Times activist Jon Schleuss is running against incumbent Bernie Lunzer for president of The NewsGuild. Members in good standing of the United Media Guild -- those members who were paying dues at some point in the previous quarter...

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Post-Dispatch outsources its copy editing and design jobs

In a move the United Media Guild has long feared, Lee Enterprises announced it would move the design and copy-editing work at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to its design/editing hub in Munster, Ind. Post-Dispatch management had long resisted the industry-wide...

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UMG honors Tony Messenger, Shawn Anglin and other members at awards dinner

The United Media Guild honored some of its top activists and one of its most accomplished journalists Thursday night at its annual Local Meeting and awards dinner. St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger won the Terry Hughes Award for exemplary...

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Sinking revenues force more Lee Enterprises cutbacks, draw shareholder scrutiny

The good news for Lee Enterprises: The company continues paying down its onerous debt at an accelerated rate. The bad news for Lee: Revenues keep declining, prompting cost-cutting that diminishes journalism content, its core product. The company is also drawing...

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Companies that employ union and nonunion workers, work tirelessly to keep the two factions separated.  The last thing they want is everyone hanging out together and their nonunion workers begin to think about organizing ("Hey Boss, how come the union...

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Fight For 15 wins first contract!

Fast Food Organizers, represented by United Media Guild and employed by the National Fast Food Workers Union (an SEIU affiliate) ratified their first contract today.  The three year agreement includes a signing bonus, raises and a very generous benefits package,...

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