UMG works to distinguish real news from marketing content

Protecting the craft of journalism is one of the United Media Guild’s most important tasks.

We have fought hard to prevent journalists from being assigned to write advertorial copy, particularly for the GateHouse Newspapers chain. A journalist’s job is to report real news and writing advertorial copy would undermine that work.

Recently at the Post-Dispatch the UMG has worked with management to make sure that the real news reported by journalists is clearly delineated from marketing content that was provided by

(Sponsored content also appears side-by-side with real news on the site, but it is clearly marked. We would prefer that sponsored content did not exist, but it IS a source of digital revenue).

The “Advancing STL” section on the home page is identified as  “Marketing” and its stories feature the tagline “Produced by our marketing department” over the top of the copy.

We want to thank Post-Dispatch unit chair Joe Holleman for working with management to make certain that the lines between real news and marketing content are not blurred.

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